2 Ways to Simplify Your Life With Mobile Printing Solutions

2 Ways to Simplify Your Life With Mobile Printing Solutions

These days, everyone is on the go. Even office-related tasks are often completed on mobile devices. Printing technology has kept up with the wireless trend, so you no longer need to email a copy of an important document to yourself and print it later from your desktop. Mobile printing solutions make it possible to print documents from a variety of mobile devices and almost any printer. This technology can simplify your life in two important ways.

Here or There

When you enable mobile print on your devices, you will typically have the option to link up with your Anchorage company’s printer network so you can have your documents printed on-site. However, you should also be able to search for nearby public printers where you can send your print jobs. These public machines may be located in hotel lobbies or other easily-accessible places.

Secure Documents Can Remain Protected

Depending on the compatibility of your printer and your chosen mobile printing solutions app, you may be able to set a printer unlock code so that your specified documents will not print until you, or someone authorized by you, logs into the printer and releases the print job. If you can use this feature, you can avoid possible breaches of confidentiality which may arise when documents are sent to a printer some distance away from you.

Now that you no longer have to be in your office in Anchorage to actually print your work-related documents, you are free to work with more flexibility from wherever you happen to be. Mobile printing solutions make it possible.

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