3 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service

3 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service

You probably have mastered training your customer service department staff on the soft skills of customer service. These three tips to improve your customer service involve practices and procedures that involve the whole company.

Proactively Predict

To proactively predict, think of what situations have played themselves out periodically in your business that may cause delays in your service or product. Anticipate all negative scenarios and pre-plan a positive response to the customer that gives them options on how to proceed.

Do Not Aggravate

This seems obvious right? Who in their right mind would want to aggravate a customer? Addressing aggravation will lead you to examine the cross-departmental big picture of company processes that affect the customer. Look at your work flows and procedures that make contact with the customer. This means everything from the automated telephonic system to company policies. Everything needs to be built around a commitment to give the customer a great experience.

Take Care of Complaints

When a customer voices a complaint, have a way to capture that feedback across all company contact points. Having a dedicated complaint management process in place will help assure that valuable customer feedback will not go unheeded.

By taking a good look at the big picture of customer interaction, you will find areas to improve their experiences with your company. Addressing these areas will pay dividends in customer satisfaction.

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