4 Ways ConnectKey Makes Your Life Easier

4 Ways ConnectKey Makes Your Life Easier

The key to keeping your office running efficiently is simplifying. Whether you're making workflows faster and simpler or clarifying the lines of communication, every time you simplify you make your office better. Meet ConnectKey, the ultimate simplifier for your office.

How ConnectKey Makes Your Office Better

Complicated workflows. Meetings that run for way too long. Frustrating technology. Disorganized documents. These are the hallmarks of the unproductive office. More than anything, these issues make your company unprofitable, because your wasted time adds up quickly to wasted money.

ConnectKey can help. This powerful software architecture makes your office life easier from the moment of installation and includes many features designed to fit the modern office. Here's how it works.

1. Simple Mobile Print

More than ever Alaska professionals are working from home or using their own mobile devices in the office. Mobile print is no longer a luxury; it's a necessity. ConnectKey's mobile printing suite supports iOS and Android devices and helps you keep track of mobile device printing the same way you do with other office equipment.

2. Apple Air Print Compatibility

Xerox knows that a majority of office users today are using Apple products like iPads or iPhones. That's why Apple Air Print compatibility is a featured cornerstone of ConnectKey.

3. Easy Cloud Sharing

Whether you're in the office or thousands of miles away, you should be able to access your documents at all times. That's why ConnectKey provides easy cloud sharing across popular cloud services.

4. Single-Touch Scanning

Workflows should be simple, not frustrating. ConnectKey makes it easy to put a document through to its next step in the workflow with the push of a button.

Ready to learn more about ConnectKey? Contact Alaska Enterprise Solutions today to learn more about mobile printing solutions for your Fairbanks business.

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