Using Document Security in Your Financial Company

Using Document Security in Your Financial Company

Documents, both paper and electronic, are essential pieces of the financial industry. Now you can make the staples of your Alaska company more secure with document security.

What Can Document Security Do?


Document Security can make tracking, distributing and archiving documents a breeze. Organizing and protecting data such as loan applications, tax returns, cash transaction reports and other confidential information can be time-consuming and if done poorly can leave companies in the industry vulnerable to breaches in their security. Data contributors can protect and secure their information by using password protection while simultaneously controlling who has access to the data and who can contribute to it. Document Security is an organized data secretary as well as a document security guard. These services are also capable of managing large volumes of faxed documents and can convert paper documents to electronic data quickly and securely.


Implementing services such as document security allow financial companies to store confidential information such as customer credit reports and social security numbers on a computerized system rather than in a paper form and then protect this same data from any unauthorized users. Using document services makes data retrieval easy as the information is indexed, categorized and stored in an organized manner. In addition to being organized, the data is accessible through searching for specific documents.


Lastly, financial organizations often find themselves needing to share data with other companies, such as banks. Through Document Security information can be found quickly and then sent to the required recipients all while maintaining a high level of security and increasing the productivity of staff through time-efficient processes.

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