3 Bad Reasons Not to Choose Managed Print Services

3 Bad Reasons Not to Choose Managed Print Services

Change is hard. Behavioral scientists and psychologists confirm what we already know: as humans, it's much easier to stay put—even in a less-than-ideal situation—than change our habits.

Here's a traditional business norm that's probably holding you back: managing your own print environment.

We know, this is a big one to change. Your print environment is a part of nearly every office workflow, and almost every employee is affected by it. Here's the bad news: your excuses to avoid changing to managed print services probably don't hold water anymore. The good news: the change can be practically painless with the right partner.

Here are our answers to common reasons not to switch to managed print services.

1. False: Managed Print Won't Make a Difference

Some businesses have a misconception that their print environment is a static and unchangeable category. On the contrary, the easiest way to make a huge impact on your printing costs and productivity is through managed print services. With extensive analysis and careful planning, your managed services provider will customize an ongoing optimization strategy just for your Fairbanks-based company.

2. False: Managed Print is Expensive

This myth is (luckily) going the way of the dinosaur as more companies than ever are finding excellent ROIs with managed print. Many companies sign on for managed print services to save money because print costs become bundled, easy to track, and much lower.

3. False: Managed Print is for Big Businesses Only

Any company with more than one printing device can benefit from managed print services. This is a customized approach to handling your unique challenges, not a one-size-fits-all retooling focused on only large businesses.

Are you ready to make the change? Contact Alaska Enterprise Solutions today for more information about managed print services for your Alaska organization.

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