3 Cost Saving Strategies for Printing Off the Internet

3 Cost Saving Strategies for Printing Off the Internet

With the convenience and accessibility of internet research, it is very common for employees to print from the internet after finding the data they need. The ready-to-print information is an asset to your company, but the specific WAY you print can be a matter of wasting money. Here are three strategies to help you bring cost control to this issue.

1. Print Selection

First of all, don't just haphazardly click the print button. When you click print off of your web browser, it will default to printing everything, including ads, images, blank spaces, junk and words you don't even need. The print section options give you the opportunity to print only what you require.

2. Copy and Paste From Browser

Another savvy move is to simply copy and paste from your web browser and paste it into your favorite word processor programs, like Pages or Microsoft Word. Now you have the flexibility to cut away the unwanted content. You will save paper, ink, and unprofessionalism by cleaning up your research like this. You can also save paper by reducing unnecessarily large font sizes.

3. Print 2 Sided

And don't forget the trusty print 2-sided feature. This step is easy and simple, but it will cut your paper usage in half. Another step you can take to save paper is print multiple sheets per page. This simply involves printing 2 pages side-by-side on the same piece of paper. The text will still be big enough to read and you have again sliced your paper costs in half.

Cost control isn't as difficult as you might think. It just involves getting your employees on track with you to save resources. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your Alaska business.

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