4 Ways to Cut Business Costs

4 Ways to Cut Business Costs

By investing in Xerox technology, companies are taking a proactive stance on cost control as well as becoming dedicated to their impact on the environment.

Four ways that using Xerox technology will help your Anchorage organization include,

1. Manage

With the help of Xerox technology, cost control becomes more manageable as the Xerox Standard Accounting monitors the number of documents your office produces as well as where the printing originated. This beneficial assessment helps companies decide what printing requirements are a priority.

Another benefit of managing printing projects produced in-house is through setting limits on who can order color print projects and the number of prints that can be produced.

2. Remote Services

Xerox's Remote Print Services allow the business owner or office manager to monitor print usage and send supplies automatically, when necessary.

3. Be Responsible

Organizations can begin to save both money and paper with Xerox's Earth Smart Printing Feature. Devices can be programmed to default to 2-sided prints, print 2 up and can stop printing banner pages. Along with the Earth Smart Printing Feature, the ColorQube hybrid plan benefits businesses by letting your company print most color projects for a fraction of the cost.

4. Go Green

Industry leaders are keeping the environment in mind and so can you by integrating green alternatives with the Xerox Solid Ink technology which cuts ink costs by reducing print costs while also producing 90% less waste than traditional cartridges and producing quality prints.

By incorporating both budget minded practices with best environmental practices business owners can take pride in the impact their company is having on their communities.

If cost control with an environmental focus is important to your company and budget, contact us.

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