Can Managed Print Make Your Business Greener?

Can Managed Print Make Your Business Greener?

When you think of making your print environment greener, you probably think of printing fewer pages. Although this can be a good start, the fact is that that only scratches the surface of making your printing more environmental sustainable.

Traditional printing practices have a sizable impact on the environment, from the large printer fleet sizes to the storage rooms full of paper. How can you reduce your environmental impact through your print infrastructure? Managed print is the solution many Alaska companies are turning to.

Managed Print Services: The Green Option

It's one of the business world's happy coincidences: going green is also a simple way to save money and improve your brand reputation. Managed print services can get you on the way to all of these things.

A traditional printing infrastructure hurts the environment in the following ways and areas:

  • Power consumption
  • Carbon footprint from supply deliveries and increased power usage
  • Paper, ink, plastic, and other consumables consumption
  • Obsolete equipment
  • Improper disposal of used paper, ink cartridges, and equipment

The thing is many companies don't know that there are ways to change all of these unsustainable practices easily. Many businesses see these issues as fixed, unavoidable, necessary evils that are just part of printing today.

Printing can be green, it just takes some innovation and a team at your side. When you sign up for managed print services, you're getting more than just a reworking of your print environment. You're getting an experienced team of experts ready to make your company more sustainable.

Managed print services can make your company greener. Here's how:

  • Fleet right-sizing, which cuts down on unnecessary power usage and office space
  • Higher efficiency throughout your printing infrastructure
  • Better, more efficient, greener equipment
  • Innovative technology

Ready to go green? Contact Alaska Enterprise Solutions today to transform your Fairbanks business today.

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