ConnectKey Makes Office Life Easier

ConnectKey Makes Office Life Easier

Have you heard the buzz about Xerox's software suite, ConnectKey? It's a popular tool for a reason, including its advanced mobile options, enhanced security, integrated document management, and other connectivity-boosting perks.

If you're not familiar with ConnectKey, here's a breakdown of how the software suite could benefit you.

ConnectKey: See the Difference

ConnectKey is built into every Xerox multifunction printers now and is quickly becoming a favorite among business professionals everywhere.

ConnectKey at a glance:

  • Wireless connectivity. ConnectKey allows your machines to connect to your wireless network, meaning that you can put your device wherever you need it.
  • Touch-screen interface. You'll find the user-friendly, touch-screen interface to be intuitive and fast.
  • Mobile printing. The mobile print application makes it simple to print from your smartphone or tablet.
  • PrintBack convenience. What if your assistance needs a document for a conference call, but you're not in the office? Simply send a document from your mobile device into your office printer.
  • Scan to wherever. You can scan documents to cloud-based storage like Evernote, Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and more.

ConnectKey genuinely makes office life easier with advanced options and seamless integration. All of this also comes with the peace of mind of enhanced McAfee security.

Customize Your Experience

It's easy to make ConnectKey customized for your office. You can even develop applications for your particular industry to make your life easier. Each machine can be completely customized to perform that job you use it for most often. You can also replicate printer configuration across machines, making it easy to match customized settings across your entire office.

Are you ready to find the right Xerox multifunction printer for your office and discover the power of ConnectKey? Contact us to learn more about how mobile solutions can benefit your Anchorage business.

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