Essentials for your Cloud-Based Document Platform

Essentials for your Cloud-Based Document Platform

The cloud can be an elusive term if not properly pinned down. It can also be a very useful thing if properly understood and applied to your business. Cloud sharing has allowed many companies to achieve new accomplishments in areas they never dreamed of.

Document Infrastructure

The cloud matter to document workflow because companies like yours are always up against new challenges with maintaining hardware and software issues of document infrastructure. Cloud sharing is important because it helps solve issues such as:

  1. The rising price of hosting and maintaining solutions
  2. The time commitment and research involved with bringing older systems up-to-date
  3. Solutions can often use outdated versions
  4. Limited resources
  5. Deployments plans sometimes leave out backup and disaster recovery systems
  6. Different vulnerabilities
  7. Lack of security in corporate systems

Now that we've looked at the reasons for cloud adoption, let's discuss what to look for in cloud-based document platforms.

Essentials in Looking for Cloud-Based Document Platforms

What is important when it comes to your cloud-based document workflow services?

  1. Mobile access: will you be able to access from all locations?
  2. Integration: will you be able to conveniently integrate with your existing environment and office equipment?
  3. Intelligent Capture: make sure that the processes can help transform info on paper to digital resources.
  4. Security: will your captured information have protected file storage and be available to authorized users only?
  5. Audit and compliance: your document management process should support access to files for regulatory and audit requirements.
  6. Search feature: your system holding all your scanned documents should be indexed in a searchable and accessible format.

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