Free Up Your IT Department with Managed Print Services

Free Up Your IT Department with Managed Print Services

Surprisingly, statistics say the average company spends about 25% of one of its most precious assets—time—dealing with print technology. Managed Print Services transfers your office print environment to a staff of experts dedicated to making sure your devices are running at optimum performance levels at the best possible price.


The IT Benefits of Managed Print

You probably didn't hire your IT team to spend hours maintaining and troubleshooting print and other imaging equipment. You need these devices to run well and serve your business, but not at the expense of IT innovation. When IT departments are tied up handling print technology, they're unavailable to management and to the employees who look to their expertise on a daily basis.

Fortunately, there's a solution.

By outsourcing print management, you can relieve your IT team of duties currently dedicated to print technology, allowing them to get back to the valuable work for which you hired them. In addition to saving about 30% annually on printing costs, your company can expect to realize these benefits:

  • Remote monitoring of supplies. Automatic reordering of supplies and parts eliminates surpluses as well as unexpected and costly shortages.

  • Remote tracking of printing practices. The usage data you'll receive will help your organization recognize areas of waste and implement cost-saving changes.

  • Less printer down-time. Emergency break-fix scenarios can be expensive, costing both time and money. Regularly scheduled routine maintenance will lessen unexpected breakdowns and relieve IT staff for more important tasks.

  • No new equipment to purchase. With managed print services, your current equipment will be put to its best possible use at the best possible price. And best of all, there won't be a need to call on your IT team to train staff on new print technologies.

The bottom line.

You just need your printers to work well, enhancing your business workflow at a price that makes sense. Managed print services can make that happen.

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