Go Green and Save Green with Managed Print Services

Go Green and Save Green with Managed Print Services

Your company probably has some environmental responsibility benchmarks in mind, whether you're part of a small business or a large corporation. These goals can sometimes seem out of reach, especially considering the cost-prohibitive aspects of some solutions.

Managed print services is one green solution that doesn't require budget acrobatics. Managed print saves you money while helping save the environment.

Green Business Makes Sense

The fact is that businesses are a prime place to find waste and high environmental impact. Between old equipment, power usage, paper usage, and other consumables, businesses are often unaware of how to change processes to reduce their environmental footprint.

Managed print services give you a roadmap forward in your green goals. When you contract with a managed services provider, you're bringing an experienced team on board. That team's primary goal is to save you money and bring efficiency to your print environment. The best part? This goal translates into a greener business automatically. Here's how.

Reduced paper consumption

Every year, companies in the United States use enough office paper to build a 10-foot-high wall that would stretch from New York to Tokyo. This number is staggering, and it's a good indication of one area that needs to be addressed in most businesses. Managed print helps you save paper by eliminating wasteful paper-based processes.

Efficient consumables use

Ink, paper, and other print-related consumables need to be in stock at all times for your equipment to function, right? With managed print, you can be sure that you won't have excess inventory on hand that will go to waste or take up valuable office space.

Reduced carbon footprint

Many companies have equipment that isn't being used at full capacity. Managed print services help you position equipment and maintain it fully to use at or close to full capacity, reducing power drain. In addition, your managed services provider will identify outdated equipment models that are not energy efficient, and upgrade them to machines that will save you money and power for years to come.

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