How to Boost Your Email Productivity

How to Boost Your Email Productivity

People inside and outside the business world have a tendency to rely on email as a primary source of communication. So how can we streamline our email tactics and boost our productivity?

Hold off on checking email first thing when you wake up.

We all are tempted to reach over first thing and fill ourselves in on anything that may have come up. Sifting through email promotions, personal emails and important work emails is time-consuming.

Set up filters so emails get sorted automatically.

Organizing your emails automatically can save you time when you are going through your inbox (especially if you are the type of person who checks emails first thing in the morning). Setting up filters helps you to get to the most important emails first, so you can prioritize as needed.

Pick a go-to person to handle your emails when you are unavailable.

Appoint a partner or trusted collaborator to manage your emails when you are unavailable (in a meeting, out for an appointment, etc.). In doing so you can focus on the task at hand without worrying if an urgent email comes in.

Choose a time each day to check and answer your emails.

Studies show that mid-morning is the best time to answer emails as people will be returning to their desks from morning meetings or have taken care of urgent matters. Mid-morning emails will reach people when they are at their most productive and are more likely to get a reply.

Managing your email habits will help you to be more productive all day long and will help you manage your time more efficiently.

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