How Document Management and Mobile Printing Work Together

How Document Management and Mobile Printing Work Together

There are few modern office technologies that fit together as well as document management and mobile printing. If you're not sure how these two solutions can combine to make your office more modern and efficient, you need to read on.

Document Management and Mobile Printing: The Perfect Couple

Document management brings your paper-based processes into the 21st century while mobile printing helps your office adapt to existing technology. Maybe this scenario is familiar to you: while you're wondering how to convert years of paper records and old workflows into the digital realm, your employees are increasingly creating, accessing, and sharing documents from mobile platforms.

Document management is a powerful tool in the migration from paper to digital. But its benefits extend beyond this to include:

  • Fast search functions
  • Simple collaboration and editing tools
  • Easy document organization

So how does document management help ease the tension between traditional computers and mobile devices in the workplace? It's simple. Most companies have already realized that one of the biggest challenges that faces employees using mobile devices is printing. It's difficult for employees to connect their tablets and smartphones to printers, and even more of a challenge to track what they print.

When you're searching for a document management system, look for a solution that allows you to track mobile printing. Document management can make your entire arsenal of company documents available to any employee on any device, and then make it simple for you to track and control printing from those devices.

Document management and mobile printing are the perfect office couple. Learn more about both technologies by contacting Alaska Enterprise Solutions.

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