How to Recognize Spam

How to Recognize Spam

Spam is certainly a nuisance to private inboxes and business inboxes alike. An important thing to remember, however, is that it goes beyond an annoyance and is a serious threat to your document security as well. Spammers have formed new strategies to lure unsuspecting employees to give personal info over the phone or click on a legit looking link — maybe even posed as from a trusted provider.


Can you spot spam? Spammers are out to do two main malicious activities:

  1. Use your email account to send more spam to all of your contacts
  2. Infect your PC with a virus—this includes cryptolocker ransomware, which encrypts files and demands a cash random. Keylogger spyware infects your PC by monitoring every keystroke (like your card details or bank log-in info).

How to Recognize Spam in YOUR inbox

Apply this simple test to each email you open to discover if you are under attack and promote document security.

  1. Do you know the sender? If the sender or their company is unknown, an immediate little red flag should appear in your mind. Never click on links from unknown senders even if they don't appear to be particularly suspicious.
  2. Are they demanding cash or personal details? Your suspicion should arise if someone is asking your for personal details over the phone or presses you for an immediate decision.
  3. Are they sending you attachments? Attachments from an unknown sender are in the danger zone for sure. Avoid even opening attachments embedded in messages you didn't expect to receive — even if they're from companies you trust.
  4. Is there an external link? External links can get tricky. Hover your mouse over links in your email to see if the hyperlink displays its correct destination.

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