How Restaurants are Using Document Management

How Restaurants are Using Document Management

Restaurant owners are plagued by mountains of paperwork, from receipts to inventory to order sheets. This paperwork is necessary for day-to-day operations, and it's intended to help things run in an orderly and efficient fashion. But more often than not, paper gets in the way of good business rather than helping.

Paper documents are easy to lose, frustratingly slow, and cumbersome to store. That's why many restauranteurs have turned to document management to take control of their paperwork. Here's how Fairbanks restaurant owners benefit from document management.

Think Beyond Paper

The restaurant industry has relied on paper for far too long, but businesses that are adopting document management are finding that the benefits are impressive. Business owners that adopt document management typically see a time-savings of 20-30%. Just this staff time alone adds up to a significant cost reduction.

Here are just a few of the ways that area businesses are using document management:

  • Scanning and digitizing receipts, order forms, and more for easy searching and fast accounting
  • Simplifying taxes through better document organization
  • Eliminating filing cabinets and disorganized piles of paper
  • Automating invoices

Go Green, Attract Customers

When you move to an electronic document system instead of paper, it's easy to see the benefits–and easy to communicate your change to customers. Customers appreciate your efforts to reduce paper waste and often respond very positively to seeing paperless businesses in action.

That's why many companies are taking their paperless businesses a step further with options like

  • Tablets for waiters/waitresses that instantly send orders back to the kitchen
  • Paperless menus and ordering with tablets for customer use
  • Automated invoices and ordering
  • Paperless seating charts

The possibilities for a paperless restaurant are endless and exciting. To start your Fairbanks business' paperless journey, contact Alaska Enterprise Solutions today.

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