Learning About Xerox Translation Services

Learning About Xerox Translation Services

If your company does business with foreign corporations, then a language barrier might get in the way from operating in a timely manner. Fortunately, the Xerox multifunction printer comes with a translator, so when documents get faxed to you, it get translated in real time. Start utilizing Xerox translation services to work faster and better.

How It Works

Business owners that know they will be receiving a foreign document just need to press a few buttons on the printer. The Xerox Easy Translator gets to work by scanning the document and translating it into whatever language you need. There are currently 40 languages the printer can read. Another perk of the feature is that it maintains the original formatting, so your document is still going to look attractive on the page.

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How It Is Better Than Similar Services

Other translators might work well for one or two sentences, but they fall short when it comes to translating paragraphs of text. Luckily, the Xerox multifunction printer has both Cloud and human elements to the translation. A machine may translate initially, but it gets edited by a real person, so you know nothing is getting lost in translation.

Xerox translation services can save you so much time and hassle. The Xerox Easy Translator even works if you are printing from mobile devices, so you can print the documents you need from anywhere. 

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