Making Sustainability the Habit

Making Sustainability the Habit

Habit is a powerful force in individuals' lives. Books have been written about how to create useful habits and how to break destructive ones. Are your employees in the habit of being sustainable?

The fact is, most office "habits" are unsustainable. Throwing away paper instead of recycling, leaving devices on and plugged in all day, and other common practices are all just the tip of the iceberg. Consider these facts:

  • Globally, we generate between 20-50 million metric tons of electronic waste every year
  • Recycling paper has a huge impact: it saves 2 barrels of oil, 17 trees, and 60 pounds of air pollution
  • Despite this fact, paper ends up in the landfill instead of the recycle bin every day

Sustainable Habits, Sustainable Business

The best way to make your Alaska company sustainable is to make sustainable habits the rule, not the exception. Many companies start green initiatives with metrics like reducing total print output by a percentage, and do better for a while. After the push is over, though, the business goes back to old habits; it's rare that significant progress is made.

Print management can help you make meaningful change toward sustainability. When you choose managed print services, you're signing onto a new way of thinking about your print environment. Optimization, efficiency, and increase sustainability are hallmarks of managed print services.

We can help you make sustainable practices the rule, not the exception. Contact us today to learn more about managed print services for your Fairbanks business.

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