Print Surviving the Digital Revolution

Print Surviving the Digital Revolution

It’s something that we’ve been hearing for a long time now. People like to say things like “print is dead” and insist that virtual is now the only way to go. But print is not only still effective, using it can improve your overall marketing campaign over using digital alone. Here’s how:

Complementing Your Digital Message

In some cases, the print message is what drives the consumer to a website. In other cases, the website offering printed companion pieces, such as a catalog, has been shown to result in increased sales.

Generating Trust

Despite living in the digital age, or perhaps because of it, savvy consumers realize how easy it is for anyone to set up a website and online store. Companies that put the time and money into generating print advertising and materials are often seen as more trustworthy.

Making Communication More Personalized

Print has the ability to engage with the recipient in a more personal way, differentiating it from the bombardment of online messages, and helping it to reach your intended audience.

Research shows that print plays an important part in supporting online communication in a way that results in an improved bottom line for your company. Even if the consumer is driven to you through the internet, your print message may be the key into creating the sale. Your multifunction or production printer is perfect for creating marketing materials for your business.

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