Save Money with Managed Print Services

Save Money with Managed Print Services

When you're a small to medium business, you know that every penny counts. You keep a sharp eye on expenditures like travel and energy costs. But do you know how much you're spending on printing costs? These expenses can go untracked, and most businesses have discovered that attempting to micromanage them is more expensive than just not worrying about it—until now.


Save Money With Managed Print

Businesses who contract with a managed print services provider see a 30% reduction in costs associated with their print environment. Here's how:

  • Assessing the total cost of printing, including devices, consumables, and outsourced printing.
  • Analyzing print practices and pinpointing areas of high usage.
  • Recommending new cost-saving procedures like double-sided printing, and reducing unnecessary color printing.
  • Implementing user permissions and password controlled access for features like color printing and advanced finishing techniques.
  • Taking advantage of savings through bulk purchases agreements for paper and other printer supplies.
  • Utilizing proactive maintenance to avoid emergency breakdowns.
  • Eliminating duplicate and unnecessary devices, helping to cut down on associated power costs.

Increase Productivity

Printer malfunctions, paper shortages, ink cartridge depletion—they all bring workflows to a screeching halt. Managed print services can make these scenarios less frequent through a proactive approach:

  • Monitoring of printers to avoid missed maintenance and addressing problems before they have a chance to negatively impact your business. Result? Fewer work interruptions and satisfied employees.
  • Maintaining consumables with automatic ordering based on usage. You'll eliminate bulky supply closets, unneeded supplies, and emergency shortages.
  • Managing spent supplies by partnering with recycling programs.
  • Analyzing device usage and recommending optimal placement for efficient workflows. In some cases, businesses can reduce the number of machines they're currently using.

Go Green, Save Green

Businesses implementing managed print services are not just saving money; they're also helping the planet. Reductions in paper usage, consumables, and energy all add up to responsible printing.

Green practices are contagious. By setting a good example in the workplace, your employees will catch the vision and find new ways for your company to tread lightly on the planet.

There's a lot more to learn about how managed print services can help your business succeed! Contact us at Alaska Enterprise Solutions today!

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