Save Money With a Multifunction Printer

Save Money With a Multifunction Printer

When looking for ways to save money and streamline office workflows, many businesses are turning the to Multifunction Printer, and for good reason. New advances in technology have resulted in some attractive advantages.

Start Saving

You don't need to look very hard to see the savings a multifunction printer can produce for your company. Here are just a few:

  • Save on initial purchase price. It makes sense that purchasing one device is more financially feasible than buying separate equipment for printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. If you have some of those devices already and they're beginning to show that it's time for an upgrade, a new multifunction printer will replace all of them at once.

  • Save on energy costs. One device uses a lot less energy than four separate ones. New multifunction printers are Energy Star compliant, and come with power saving features you'll appreciate.

  • Save on office space. Multifunction printers are highly efficient when it comes to common sense use of office space. Four separate machines to print, copy, scan, and fax commands a lot of real estate. By choosing one, space-saving MFP, you'll free up space for value-added projects.

  • Save time. You'll increase productivity and streamline office workflows with one device/one location for document handling.

  • Save on consumables. Handling supplies for just one device means you'll save money on purchases and the need to make room for bulky storage areas. Some MFPs offer automatic duplexing (two-sided printing), allowing for huge savings on paper usage.

  • Save on maintenance. Maintaining and repairing four devices is costly and time-consuming. Your IT staff will appreciate scaling down to one user-friendly multifunction printer.

Your New Office Workhorse

Today's multifunction printers have been dubbed the new office workhorse. With advanced finishing features and plenty of power, you'll be able to produce professional documents in-house, saving both time and printing expenses. Features like scan to email, network scanning, and advanced faxing capabilities mean you can get down to business faster. New advances in security mean your documents are protected, both on device and during sharing.

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