Tuesday Tips: ConnectKey Printers to Transform Your Workplace

ConnectKey Printers to Transform Your Workplace

Xerox is constantly coming up with new ways to use technology for making your business more productive. The company’s ConnectKey multifunction printers are just one of these tools, and they offer a number of benefits to businesses of all sizes.

Enhanced Security

One of the most important aspects of these desktop laser printers is the way they help enhance your security. They do this by ensuring that access is by authorized personnel only, encrypting and overwriting of images, and protecting you from hacking.

Flexibility and Ease in Use

These small business printers can be accessed wirelessly by remote users and can also instantly transfer information to cloud storage depositories, offering employees far greater flexibility while enhancing document security. Touch screens, similar to tablets, make them easy to use, and the screens are customizable according to department or even individual user.

Apps for Your Industry

There are apps that work directly with the ConnectKey printers that allow for better industry-specific organization such as invoicing for retail businesses, contract management for real estate companies, and filing of patient records for medical offices.

Your company may not need all the possibilities available with Xerox ConnectKey multifunction printers right now. But with the many tools at your disposal, they represent a technology that will help you increase productivity and reduce waste in ways that you haven’t yet considered.