Tune in to Hear Tips from AES

Tune in to Hear Tips from AES

Have you tuned in to our podcast? Michael Ferris, our founder, contributes monthly to Dave Weatherholt's podcast Getting Down to Business, which airs Saturday mornings from 8:00-10:00am on KOAN 1080 AM and 95.1 FM. This month's topic was green printing, and Michael outlined Connect Key technology and ways to reduce your environmental impact.


Can Life Be "Easier and Greener?"

Michael answered a slew of questions during this month's segment that companies often ask us. How can we go green without breaking the bank? Aren't green practices more work? How can I stay productive while focusing on my environmental goals?

Michael answered these questions and more, including:

  • What is "solid ink"?
  • What is Energy Star?
  • How energy efficient are multifunction printers?
  • Can print settings and paper use impact the environment?

Michael also outlined seven easy steps to a greener office.

Tune in Next Time

Here at Alaska Enterprise Solutions, we take pride in being an authority in our field, bringing you quality products and technology solutions. We know our stuff with years of combined experience.

We also take our responsibility to the environment very seriously. Our commitment to you is that we'll not only provide you with the highest quality green products, but we'll also troubleshoot your environmental impact with you and help you find ways to go green. We can provide revolutionary products and solutions like Xerox Solid Ink technology and Earth Smart Printing.

To listen to Michael's past podcasts, access Getting Down to Business on iTunes and look for the Connect Key segments. Tune in next time live on Saturdays to hear more business tips.

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