What’s with the Mobile Printing Hype?

What’s with the Mobile Printing Hype?

In our global economy, the workforce is mobile. We're all constantly on business trips or working from a coffee shop hundreds of miles from our office. Tablets, laptops, and most recently smartphones have facilitated this transition to a dispersed, energetic, constantly-on workforce. Smart businesses know that you go mobile or go home in today's economy.


Bring the Office with you

So, with all of these mobile devices, what's the physical office good for (besides donut Fridays)? First, your office still houses all of the office equipment most people use every day: printers, fax machines, scanners, and copiers.

What if we told you that you could bring the office with you—even the office equipment?

That's the beauty of mobile print. With Xerox Mobile Print, you can pop up your document on your tablet or smartphone, search for nearby printers, and send your document with secure print release to the one you want. No more fiddling with the hotel computer or waiting for a print shop to finish just a few pages of notes. You can have your digital documents in hand, in paper, in minutes.

A Mobile Office is a Productive Office

The typical nine-to-five office job is becoming a thing of the past. Although the office is still a crucial part of the modern business, most workers are taking advantage of Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity and working wherever they are. Employers are finding that it's cheaper and more effective to hire staff regardless of their location and facilitate a work-from-home environment at times.

Xerox Mobile Print makes it easier for you to continue to manage and use a splintered network of company devices. You can still manage, track, and control printing with Mobile Print, making it the perfect solution for a mobile workforce.

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