What Do Scanners and History Have in Common?

What Do Scanners and History Have in Common?

Picture your humble office scanner. We're guessing that the first thing that comes to mind when you see it is digitizing documents at work. What you probably don't think of is how catalytic this technology is in the field of history.

That's right; the common office scanner is a revolutionary technology that has transformed how we store, preserve, access, and share history. Not following? Let us explain.

Scanners: The Preservers of History

Before scanning—before the digital revolution—historical research and cataloging was done on paper. Archive rooms, libraries, and private home basements were (and still are) full of musty, deteriorating pages. These pages contained centuries upon centuries of human history, and they were invaluable to our understanding of humankind.

But paper archives are hard to access, and the bottlenecks of money, time, and education made it impossible for many people to see historical documents or photographs. Enter the scanner. With the digital scanner, paper artifacts can be converted into digital form.

If you have taken any educational classes since the digital boom, you've probably seen the power of the scanner for history in action. You've seen how a professor can share information from the Library of Congress with his or her entire class without ever leaving the office or purchasing a book.

The Implications of Scanning

The scanner is truly powerful for the preservation and sharing of history. Online databases like the Library of Congress and other localized historical organizations can make scanned artifacts available to anyone with an internet connection.

Historians have pointed out that this bodes well for the field of history in general. Renewed interest in local and regional history has sprung up as a result of this new accessibility, and more individuals than ever are learning about the past.

There you have it: your office scanner is more than just a powerful office technology. It's also an incredible tool in the hands of the modern historian. Learn more about scanners for your Anchorage business by visiting Alaska Enterprise Solutions online.

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If you are reading this on any blog other than Alaska Enterprise Solutions, it is stolen content without credit.
You can find me on LinkedIn and Facebook.
Come and visit our blog at http://www.aesalaska.com/blog