Xerox Mobile Print—Your BYOD Printing Solution

Xerox Mobile Print—Your BYOD Printing Solution

Has your company implemented a BYOD policy? Do you have a secure mobile print strategy in place to protect your organization's sensitive information?

Based on current trends, the number of employees using their own mobile devices at work is expected to reach over 1 billion in the next two years. While the trend has clear advantages for both organizations and staff alike, concerns about security remain a major issue.

The Best of Both Worlds

Your organization can benefit from the BYOD trend while still keeping a tight reign on security. But first, why bother allowing employee-owned devices in the first place? Here are just a few reasons why BYOD, and a secure mobile print strategy, is a good idea.

  • Connectivity— Employees who can access email and important project documents 24/7 are better able to stay connected and on top of tasks.
  • Convenience— Without a mobile print solution, employees will still find ways to print the documents they need: 1. Email the document from a mobile device to computer. 2. Print after returning to home office. While this workaround may bring the desired end result (a printed document), it's inconvenient and time-consuming.
  • A better solution for visitors. Clients and vendors who visit your offices often need a secure way to print documents. A secure mobile print solution helps move projects forward.

The Xerox Answer

The BYOD trend is here to stay. Xerox Mobile Print offers a proven solution for your staff to print documents with the anytime/anywhere convenience they need and the security you require. Here's just how simple Xerox Mobile Print really is:

  1. Using the Xerox Mobile Print App, choose from a list of Xerox or non-Xerox printers near your location.
  2. Select PREVIEW to make sure the document is good to go.
  3. Choose your preferred print settings, then select PRINT.
  4. Pick up your documents.
  5. DONE!

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