Is Your Printer Keeping Your Information Safe?

Is Your Printer Keeping Your Information Safe?

Your information is the backbone of your company's success. It's what sets you apart from your competition, and what makes you a leader in your field. That's why Xerox multifunction printers use secure printing functions to ensure the safety of your documents.

This kind of security is essential for printing and distributing sensitive, proprietary, or confidential documents. With features like secure release printing and, data encryption, user authorization, and access control, you can rest assured that your valuable information is safe with Xerox.

How Xerox Keeps Your Information Safe

Throughout its long history as a technology leader, Xerox has continued to show a commitment to keeping your digital information secure. Their technology has innovative security functions that anticipate potential vulnerabilities and proactively limits your risk. Customers have come to expect this kind of quality from Xerox and look to Xerox products for increased safety as well as efficiency. Xerox keeps you safe with...

Data Encryption

Wherever data is in a Xerox device, whether moving in or out of it of stored within it, it's secured with state of the art encryption. Scanning and printing can easily be secured with SSL/TLS or IP Security, keeping your information in the right hands.

Secure Printing

When secure print is selected, a user can choose a unique PIN. This PIN is then a requirement for releasing the job for printing on the device, where it is safely stored until the user arrives. This ensures there is no unauthorized viewing of documents sent to a printer.

Access Control

Controlling who can access a device not only enhances security, it also ensures that the device is used by the proper department or staff members. Xerox products include several access-control features, including user authentication, role-based access control, and directory-based access control.

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