KIP 2300 Large Format Color Scanner

KIP 2300 Large Format Color Scanner

The KIP 2300 high productivity scanner sets a uniquely high standard for speed; quality and flexibility in a digital image capture system.

  • Preset scan modes – standard or production
  • White LED original illumination system
  • Mono scan speeds up to 60 feet / 18 meters per minute
  • Color scan speeds up to 30 feet / 9 meters per minute


High Production Scan System
The new KIP 2300 high productivity scanner sets a uniquely high standard for speed, quality and flexibility in a digital image capture system. Best in class productivity is achieved by a combination of advanced camera based image capture and Super-Speed USB3s Technology for high speed data throughput with no system pauses or slow downs. Outstanding image quality is delivered through the innovative use of bright white LED light sources for illumination and 600 x 600 dpi image capture resolution. The KIP 2300 is a high speed scan solution that provides world-class workflow flexibility through its ability to scan face up or face down and scan thick mounted originals and loose sheets of paper from a single unit.

Versatile Camera Imaging
The KIP 2300 Color Scanner Solution can support both monochrome and color scan-to-file and copy to satisfy most application needs. When scanning to file, users have advanced software controls over image quality; when copying. The KIP 2300 scanner is powerful, with image capture speeds from 5 ips to 12 ips in monochrome (dependent on dpi) and 2 to 6 ips in color. The image capture area is up to 36 in. wide, yet originals up to 42 in. wide may be fed
through the scanner.

Flexible Scan System
600 dpi optical resolutions is the key to the KIP 2300 Color Scanner’s outstanding imaging capabilities. In addition, the KIP 2300 Color Scanner takes full advantage of patented (Real Time Thresholding) and self calibrating imaging cameras to ensure high quality results. To optimize image size for intended use, users can select custom resolutions, for website, PC monitor displays and for offset press work.

Super-Speed USB3 Technology
The technology used in Super-Speed scanning provides an image data transfer rate of 5 GB per second, ensuring high productivity for the most complex full color documents. Originals are imaged at maximum speed with no scanning slowdowns or pauses, as found in competitive scanning systems. Super-Speed scanning delivers full color, high speed imaging for the most demanding production environments.