Scan to Cloud

Document Scanning

Scan to Cloud Software Enables Your Office to Do More

Does your company want to do more with its digital documents? Our scan to cloud technology provides a fully integrated sharing and editing platform that allows your business to maximize workflow efficiency. Conveniently, scan, edit and email any document, and securely store in our cloud network.

When you scan to cloud, you are essentially creating a digital filing cabinet, organizing your documents for easy access when needed. Unlike hardcopy storage, digital cloud storage is easily manageable and searchable:

  • Find important documents by keywords
  • Convert to PDF, spreadsheet or other file types for additional editing options
  • Set user permissions and other security measures
  • Send high-quality digital copies directly through email

Security and Efficiency

Scan to cloud technology lends a safety net to your business, keeping a secure record of every important document that circulates. In the cloud network, never worry about misplacing or losing critical paperwork. Everything stays password protected in the network. We can also show you how to set specific user permissions for sensitive documents so only certain employees can view or edit them.

We can show you how scan to cloud software and digital storage can improve workflow efficiency and business connectivity. Contact our team today for additional information, and take a leap forward with the latest commercial technology.